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Ascento Parfum Corp. is a fast growing multi-level marketing and direct selling company that empowers distributors and leaders in making an impact in the industry by maximizing its competitive marketing plan, quality products and excellence in its delivery of services.

The corporation is a powerhouse of so many different and outstanding companies that unite in the sole purpose of making a difference in the network marketing industry by exercising utmost diligence in its business endeavours.

Ascento Parfum Corp. with its passionate leaders, competent members of the administration and committed partners is committed to sustainable business venture that will benefit its stakeholders.

The corporation puts top priority in encouraging entrepreneurship among members by providing up to date training programs which tackle sales and marketing, leadership and social and moral responsibilities.

Its mantra, “Your key to success” is an embodiment of the aspirations of the company in achieving its goals to continuously provide business ventures that will always remain relevant in all times.



To promote entrepreneurship among Filipinos by providing an excellent platform which produces optimum quality of products and ethical business processes that will lead to financial independence that will improve ones quality of life and eventually will contribute to the country’s economic growth.



To be the top and most sought after multi-level marketing company domestic and abroad.

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